Racing Highlights


Some of the highlights from my career in 2017 include:

UK Ranking

  • 100m – 5th
  • 200m – 3rd
  • 400m – 4th
  • 800m – 3rd
  • 1500m – 4th

Selected for the British Athletics Academy squad ‘Parallel Success’ due to my huge progress in PB’s and national rankings.
GOLD medal at the Ford Test Track 10 Miles road race.
SILVER medal at the Spitzen Leichtathletik Luzern International 400m track race.
Finalist at the British National Championships for 100m, 400m, and 1500m.


Some of the highlights from my career in 2016 include:

UK Ranking

  • 100m – 6th
  • 200m – 6th
  • 400m – 6th
  • 800m – 5th
  • 1500m – 5th

1st position for the Worthing Lido 1K.
GOLD medals for 100m, 200m, and 400m at the SCAA & IPC Disability Championships.
BRONZE at the Diamond League (Zurich) 400m.


Here are some of the highlights from my racing career in 2015:

SILVER at my first racing appearance competing at the London Bupa Westminster Mile.

SILVER at the City of London Mile.

I received my national classification as a T54.